krpano 1.20.2

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krpano 1.20.2

Message par pmllc » 02 janv. 2020 15:14

Sorti le 15 octobre.

La release note (en anglais) :
A Minor Bugfix- and Improvement-Release.
New: Offer 32bit Windows versions again. In the 32bit version the krpano Tools application is additionally also based on an older NWJS version for better compatibility with older systems.
New: A simple Autotour/Autoplay feature in the vtourskin.xml. Enable it by setting skin_settings.autotour in the tour.xml to true.
New: Javascript-Sync-Example - Synchronize two krpano viewers using the Javascript Interface. Made for very easy usage - just include the sync.xml and done.
New: display.customFullscreenElement setting for using a custom HTML element as Fullscreen element.
New: Support generating Panotour Pro compatible viewer files in the Protect Tool.
New: Support get(var) also inside expressions.
Fix: Calling events.dispatch(...) wasn't working inside layer/hotspot event-calls.
Fix: The Encrypt Tool was not working correctly on xml files that contain xml-comments.
Fix: The Panotour Pro installation detection wasn't working when using a custom 'Documents' folder path on Windows systems.
Fix: The contextmenu item separators with the settings 'both' or 'below' were sometimes shown even when the showif condition of the related item would be false.

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Re: krpano 1.20.2

Message par pmllc » 02 janv. 2020 15:15

Pour rappel, la release note de la version 1.20.1 :
A Minor Bugfix- and Improvement-Release.
Update Support for Panotour Pro.
New: Improved Directional 3D Sound support:
A a new and Browser-independent mode for Directional / 3D Sounds is used now.
It fixes wrong located 3D Sounds and improves cross-browser/cross-device support.
Additionally there is a new optional range setting for reducing the sound volume when looking away from a sound source.
New panningmodel setting for selecting the method for the 3D spatialisation algorithm.
New Directional 3D Sound Example.
New: Support 'padded tiles'. That are tiles at the image-edges that were padded to the full-tilesize. Can be helpful for using tiles from other tile-providers.
New: Expose the current loading state as image.loadstate variable. Checking that state allows making High-resolution screenshots - Updated Makescreenshot Example.
New: Add the parsepath() inline-function for parsing url-placeholders inside expressions.
Change: Don't send overwriteable ([OW] prefix) log-messages to the browser console (for better performance when doing a lot of logging).
Fix: The sphere-to-cube conversion hangs/freezes on large images.
Fix: Support Samsung devices with varying screen-resolutions in MobileVR/Cardboard mode. This is done by a new internal database that directly stores the physical screen-sizes. Additionally there is a new xml-based mobilevr_device_database (defined in the webvr.xml). That database allows an easy custom adding or editing of devices. To control which databases should to used be there is a new mobilevr_database_support setting.
Fix: The url placeholders were not working in short-multires-syntax image paths.
Fix: The settings were wrong in iOS 13 Desktop Mode.
Fix: Mark several CSS properties of the krpano log with 'important' to avoid that they might getting overwritten by global CSS styles.
Fix: There could be a Javascript-crash when calling loadpano() from JS with OPENBLEND blending very early at startup.
Fix: Support multiple ! not operators in expressions (e.g. !!var).
Fix: The sounds kept playing when removing the viewer.
Fix: Custom soundinterface rootpath paths work now also again without the need for a trailing slash '/' character.
Fix: The Encrypt Tool was crashing on xml files that contain the xml-comments end-tag --> without the beginning-tag <!--.
Fix: The hotspot hovering wasn't working in the Edge browser when used on devices with touch-screens.
Fix: The Update Tool didn't add the new license information.
Fix: Avoid a Javascript error when unloading the viewer in the onexitvr event.
Fix: Black screen when changing the video-source of a pano-video from a power-of-two-sized video-resolution to a non-power-of-two-sized video-resolution.